Finding Legitimate Sweepstakes

It is important to be knowledgeable about determining which sweepstakes are legitimate .  If you’re a regular sweeper, you will realize just how many sweepstakes are out there.  Here are some key things to look out for to make sure the sweepstakes you are entering is for real and legitimate:

Legitimate Sweepstakes Free Legitimate Sweepstakes

If you receive an email, phone call, text message, etc, about a sweepstakes telling you that you have to pay to receive the prize, IGNORE IT.  Real sweepstakes will never ask you to pay to receive your winnings.  Sweepstakes are meant to be free!

Email Accounts

Most legitimate sweepstakes will send out notifications and other messages from their company website.  If the return email address is from a free account, such as AOL, Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo!, be careful before you reply.

 Bank/Credit Card Info

If a sweepstakes asks for either of these you should immediately turn away.  There is no need for sweepstakes to have this type of information from you.

 Not Addressing You By Your Real Name

Many sweepstakes try to contact as many people as possible.  This means they probably have one generic email that they send off to everyone.  If you receive an email telling you are a winner but they address you with “Dear Sir” or “Dear Madam” be careful.  If you win a real sweepstakes they will most likely address you by your name.

Of course, all the sweepstakes here at RewardIt are for real and people really do win.  Some other great giveaways that you can be sure are legitimate are:

Publishers Clearing House:  Publishers Clearing House or is the granddaddy of all sweepstakes and has rewarded tens of millions of dollars over the years.  No worries here.  PCH is not a scam.

HGTV $5,000 Cash Sweepstakes:  Vote for your favorite KraftMaid Kitchen for a chance to win some big cash with!

Car Sweepstakes – Win a Corvette:  Awesome car sweepstakes.  Enter for a chance to win a 2013 Corvette!

One of our favorite resources for locating great giveaways is at  Visit the contest page moderated by Sandra Grauschopf to view tons of legitimate giveaways!  Good luck!