Finding Awesome Instant Win Sweepstakes

Have you ever entered a sweepstakes and then totally forgot that you entered? That’s just one of the real cool things about instant win sweepstakes — you know whether you won or not instantly!

How Instant Win Sweepstakes Work

Instant win sweepstakes come in many different forms.  You’re probably familiar with things like scratch off lottery games that allow you to see if and what you one just by scratching off a few numbers.  You’ll also see those kinds of instant win sweepstakes at places like fast food restaurants, where you can scratch a card and see if you’ve won things like free food or drinks. Just like with regular sweepstakes, these offers often only last a few weeks, so it’s important to check them out before they expire.

But you may not be familiar with instant win sweepstakes that you can participate in online!  These also vary quite a bit.  For a lot of online instant win sweepstakes, you provide a bit of information about yourself (usually your email address and name, and sometimes other information like your home address).  Then you click a button and find out what (if anything) you won.  Very often, there’s a smaller prize that you can win instantly, and then you’re entered into a larger sweepstakes for an even bigger prize.  Some instant win sweepstakes are set up like games (check out the Carvel Arcade Classic Game below for an example) where you play a game and depending on how you score,  you can win instant prizes.

Instant win sweepstakes prizes tend to be smaller value items, like promotional tee shirts, hats, thermoses and small gift cards. The nice thing is that even if you win some of these smaller value items instantly, you’re also entered to win bigger ticket items like cars, vacations and larger monetary prizes.

Instant Win Sweepstakes That Are Happening Right now!

Here are some really cool instant win sweepstakes that you can enter right now:

Carvel Arcade Classic Game — This one is a lot of fun. Play “carvelified” classic arcade games to win instant prizes like carvel gift cards.  Larger prizes include Visa gift cards and installation of a classic arcade game in your own home.

Coca Cola Perfect Harmony Sweepstakes — Over 5,000 instant prizes are up for grabs here, including  Hi-Def On-Ear headphones and music downloads.  The ten grand prizes are super cool too — 10 winners will get a trip to NYC to see a taping of the BET series 106 & Park.

Honda Going Going Gone Giveaway — This one is pretty cool!  Instant win prizes include $50 visa gift cards and stadium blankets. The grand prize includes a family trip to the Little League Baseball® World Series and a 2012 Honda Pilot.

U By Kotex Test Your Mood And ‘Tude Giveaway — I was really impressed with this one, because you can win ipod nanos and ipads instantly!  Five grand prize winners get $1,000 Target shopping sprees.  Not too shabby!

Balance Bar Outlast The Clock Challenge (on Facebook) — Instant prizes here include coupons for free balance bars and more.  Yum! The grand prize for this one is $3,000.

Super 8 Road Trip Challenge — This instant win sweepstakes promises that over 25 instant win prizes are available each week, such as gas cards and caps.  The grand prize includes your choice of Wyndam rewards, gas cash cards and more.

Good luck winning some really cool stuff instantly!