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What is your favorite book or author?




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  1. The Bible

  2. Alice in Wonderland.

  3. Ashleigh Segovia says:

    Jk rowling

  4. So many books…..LOL! One of my most recent favorites is Mary Doria Russell.

  5. Favorite Author is Oswald Chambers…….

  6. I love the book The Help.

  7. The Bible King James Version 1611 the true word of God the Author.

  8. The King James 1611 the true word Of God The Bible is the road map to this Life we live Auther God Almighty.

  9. Hah! I have toddlers! I don't have the time or the peace and quiet to read! Maybe when they start school I'll be able to cuddle up with a good book! 😀

  10. Larry Niven, 'Mote in God's Eye'.

  11. My favorite book is the Bible. Read it every day.

  12. James Patterson & Patricia Cornwall are my favorite authors.

  13. Carla Coe says:

    The story of Helen Keller .

  14. Msgogetta Hill says:

    Not sure I like a lot of different thing mostly thrillers.

  15. Barbara Compton Kesterson says:

    My favorite book is Red Moon and Black Mountain by Joy Chant. Have loved this book since middle school.

  16. Joyce Bogoian says:

    The Emperor of Lies.

  17. Janet Janet says:

    My author is Charles Dickens.

  18. Patty Evans says:

    I love any of the Eckhart Tolle books.

  19. The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov.

  20. I have always loved Swiss Family Robison. I know it is more for children but I still read it over from time to time.

  21. The Catholic Bible.

  22. My favorite book is "Prince Ombra", I still am not sure if I read it or remember it.
    read it and you'll see what I mean..

  23. Tolkein

  24. Alan Tong says:

    Isaac Asimov

  25. James Patterson is my favorite author.

  26. My favorite author is Sidney Sheldon

  27. Anita Sheve…The Weight of Water….geez, did I spell her last name right? lol

  28. Christine Feehan is one of my favorite authors..

  29. I like the 'prey' series by john sanford.

  30. Matt Kalist says:

    Stephen King!

  31. my kids got my hooked on the harry potter books.

  32. Roger Dean says:

    One of my many favorite books is "The Mysterious Island" by Jules Verne.

  33. Karla Sailer Hamann says:

    Nora Roberts!

  34. Mary Hosler says:

    Dean Koontz

  35. My favorite author is Laverne Spencer.

  36. Joann Bartolome says:

    My favorite book id 1984 by George Orwell.

  37. Melanie Kakaio says:

    My favorite book is "The Joy Luck Club"

  38. Karla Sceviour says:

    The Harry Potter series.

  39. Renee Tousignant says:

    fifty shades of grey series.

  40. Patricia Cornwell anything is good from her.

  41. Love J.D. Robb!

  42. stephen king

  43. Mill on the Floss – George Elliot.

  44. Jessi Taylor says:

    Jeffery Deaver, favorite author.

  45. my favorite author is f. scott fitzgerald. I loved the great gatsby.

  46. Curtis Lu says:

    harry potter series.

  47. Rhonda Best says:

    Harry Potter

  48. Where are the Children? Written by Mary Higgins Clark.

  49. anything by Stan Lee.

  50. Silas Marner

  51. Doug Garfinkel says:

    I love a book called "House of Leaves". It's very unique and very cool.

  52. I read medical journals.

  53. Debbie Ferguson says:

    Bill Bryson's travel/humor books.

  54. Kellie Kluger says:

    The Notebook

  55. Elizabeth Rogers says:

    A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

  56. I love The Pelican Brief by John Grisholm.

  57. Connie Dunn Parent says:

    My fave series is the house of night series…anything mythical really :)

  58. Catherine Ocenosek says:

    janet envoinch

  59. The Bible is my favorite book!

  60. Chuck Bolster says:

    steven king books are great.

  61. Shan M Mcbeth says:

    I love the Outsiders!

  62. Dawn Branco-Hirschkorn says:

    My Favorite Book is the Bible.

  63. my favorite book is any one of the twilight series.

  64. "Jane Eyre"

  65. Gone with the Wind.

  66. I liked The Ultimate Gift By Jim Stovall.

  67. Karen Evans says:

    Anything by Stephen King.

  68. My favorite book is Christie's Old Organ.

  69. Arthur Caudill says:

    My favorite book is by Bruce Lee, The Tao of Jeet Kune Do

  70. Pet cemetary!

  71. Angel Bland says:

    Face to the Floor "Butch Bernadesco".

  72. Favorite author is John Grisham.

  73. Karen Casey Oliva says:

    Watchers by Dean Koontz.

  74. Still love the Lord of the Rings.

  75. anything will do………………..

  76. Anne Bishop

  77. Steven King books!

  78. my favorite book is one flew over the cuckoos nest.

  79. Joanne P Quarz says:

    Robert B Parker.

  80. Twilight

  81. Martha Bainer says:

    Anything by Dianne Mott Davidson.

  82. Jennifer Sagan says:

    Twilight series

  83. Love Steven King books.