My Dream European Vacation Sweepstakes

Ever imagined what you’d do with a large cash reward from an online sweepstakes or lottery winnings? Well if you’re anything like most Americans you would choose to travel with your new found wealth and freedom. Isn’t that what winning a large cash Win a European Vacation Sweepstakesreward is about? Freedom. The freedom to pick up and go where you want when you want to? To explore strange new lands and experience what other cultures have to offer? Take a dream European vacation!

If I won a dream European vacation sweepstakes I would be so excited. I for one have always wanted to go to Europe and finally got there last year on an amazing trip to Marbella Spain, I got to enjoy Mediterranean beaches, the Picasso museum and hanging out with wild monkeys atop the fabled Rock of Gibraltar. But the first place I ever really wanted to go was Greece. See when I was in 2nd grade they marched us all down to the school library at Kreamer Street Elementary and had us each pick out a book to read. I was naturally drawn to one with monsters all over the cover. It turned out to be a book about Greek Mythology.

And so as I read the book I Imagined one day traveling to Greece to see all the amazing places where these stories too place. Think of it as the analogue version of modern day nerds travelling to New Zealand to see where they shot The Lord of the Rings movies.

But let’s face it, as an adult Greece has plenty to offer besides just reliving those stories of myth and fantasy from my youth. The aqua marine blue waters of Myrtos Beach are a site to behold and the way they contrast with the smooth white pebble beach and the jagged mountains in the background have made this incredible Greek tourist destination voted a dozen times over Greece’s best beach!

Mykonos is also quite beautiful and is well known for its exotic beaches of its own along with some of the Mediterranean’s hottest most trendy nightlife featuring bars, clubs, live music and dancing.

And do we even need to talk cuisine? If I’m going to Europe? Make mine Mediterranean! I love Greek restaurants here in America. I can’t even imagine how great that food is in the place where it comes from!

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Have you been to Europe? What’s your dream vacation if you were to win an online cash reward, lottery or travel sweepstakes?