Entering Sweeps The Right Way

Have you ever thought about the way in which you enter sweepstakes? Being a considerate and honest sweeper is important.  Remember, the sponsor uses sweepstakes as a way to attract people to their brand.   So, being professional and honest in how you enter sweepstakes will only encourage sponsors to keep on giving!  Even if something goes wrong, you want to act appropriately.  Most sweepstakes are legitimate, and the sponsors will do whatever it takes to make things right.  Following the guidelines below will only help yourself and the sweepstakes community at large.

Enter Sweeps The Right WayBe Honest

When you fill out your entry form, enter the required information honestly and accurately.  Most importantly, if there is a mistake or wrong information, you may lose eligibility if you are selected as the winner.  Also, if there are a few extra questions that are either required or optional, answer them honestly so the sponsor gets an accurate picture of their customers.  Of course, don’t divulge any information you are not comfortable with.  But any legitimate sweepstake sponsors are just trying to understand their customers and will keep your information private and secure.

Thank The Sponsor For Your Winnings

In the even that you do win, try and make the extra effort to send a nice thank you over to the sponsor. Most sponsors  love when they hear positive feedback from their winners.  Here at RewardIt, our $500 gift card winner thanked us and said she was using the money for her kids’ little league fees.  It definitely brought a smile to our faces.

Keep Your Cool

There may be a time where something goes wrong with your sweepstakes.  The sponsor might take a little too long to send you your prize, the website might be down, or they haven’t sent you an email or confirmation when they were supposed to.  It’s okay,  these things may happen sometimes. If you have a complaint, don’t get frazzled, contact the sponsor and explain your problem.  As I said, most sweepstakes sponsors want to make sure everything runs smoothly and they will take care of your problem.

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