Easy Sweepstakes Entries

There are a lot of sweepstakes out there that require a little bit of work to sign up for.  Filling out surveys, answering questions, or just entering your basic information can be time consuming.  If you are pressed for time, there are sweepstakes out there that are extremely easy to enter and we’re here to help you find some!  Who doesn’t like entering easy sweepstakes?

Easy Sweepstakes EntriesTwitter Sweepstakes

Some sponsors announce their promotions on twitter, or offer sweepstakes that are as easy as giving them a retweet (also known as “RT”).  If you don’t have a twitter account, then you should definitely sign up for one.  This is by far one of the easiest ways to enter a sweepstakes; it just takes the click of a mouse.  Sometimes there may also be a trivia giveaway through the sponsor’s twitter account!  These are particularly fun because you get to compete against other contestants.  RewardIt holds sweepstakes like every weekday!  Win Gift Cards, Cash, DVDs and more! 


Also, if you are on twitter, make sure to follow us: @Reward_It.  Here’s a great Twitter Sweepstakes that we recommend at RewardIt:


Toyota Corollas Most Fearless Tweet Contest – Win A Car – Ends August 31, 2012


Facebook Sweepstakes

Facebook is also a fantastic too to get to some easy giveaways.  Sweepstakes sponsors may occasionally have chances for you to enter by simply clicking the “LIKE” button on their page or on a particular post, or just answering a poll.  Take a little time to research some Facebook sweepstakes that work this way.  Here are some Facebook contests to enter right now:

Jadot Beaujolais-Villages Inc – Share Your Love Paris Getaway Sweepstakes – Win a trip to Paris!

Grogan Jewelers Shine To 3000 Sweepstakes – Win a 1/2 carat diamond!


Email Only Entries

This is exactly what it sounds like!  Just simply type in your email address into the entry form and check your email on a regular basis.  Avoid the hassle of filling out those long surveys and finish your entry in a matter of seconds.  These are also really great sweepstakes to check up on if you’re on a tight time schedule.  These are a little harder to find, so you’ll have to do a bit of digging.  Check out RewardIt’s email entry for $1,000!

We hope this helps you find some more sweepstakes to enter and better your chances to become a winner!  Good luck to all.

Speak Your Mind


  1. I love you contest.

  2. Quick and easy just like this one!

  3. Debbie Campbell says:

    I love facebook or twitter contests.. click and go!

  4. I like e-mail only!

  5. I like the Woobox- super easy,haven't heard of any winners though.

  6. I need to win this please.

  7. Twitter ones tend to be fairly easy to enter.

  8. reward it damm it.

  9. Kathy Marsh-Friedman says:

    I love Facebook sweepstakes!

  10. Alan Tong says:

    Facebook sweeps!

  11. I like the one that only ask E mails and your name, not for the adress and birthdays.

  12. I love mycokerewards sweepstakes.

  13. Email entry is easiest for me.

  14. I love the ones for which you only have to enter your email address.

  15. I like blogs (rafflecopter) and Facebook.

  16. I like Instant Wins wherever I can find them.

  17. I like the sweepstakes that are email only and one time entry.

  18. Facebook sweeps are my favorite.

  19. Sheridan Sweeps Jess says:

    Giveaways that have a quick ending time so I can keep track.

  20. Mary Dixon Pitman says:

    Facebook sweeps are the easiest.

  21. Jordan Sweeps says:

    Entering 1 time, and not having to worry about it again.

  22. I love rafflecopter giveaways and facebook sweeps!

  23. Dawn Walsh says:

    I like when you don't have to fill out to much info email and that is it.

  24. facebook sweeps–so easy and quick!

  25. RewardIt sweepstakes is the most easy.

  26. I love all the ways you list above, but I seem to do best with Twitter sweeps. You have to enter all ways to win though:)

  27. I love Facebook entries. I want to Win something. I'm going to Win one day……

  28. Aivee Sison says:

    I like email only entries. Easy peasy to enter and I always check my email, so no hassle there.

  29. Stella Augustowski Ferraiuolo says:

    I could really use that gift card to B & B!

  30. Oh gosh, hard question. I like easy sweeps such as on Twitter and Facebook.
    I also like to visit company websites and do sweeps there. I don't like to spend too much time to enter any giveaway.

  31. I love twitter only sweeps. Fun and fast!

  32. Twitter sweepstakes that only ask you to Retweet are my favorite.

  33. Dana Esker says:

    I like the twitter RT to win sweepstakes.

  34. RewardIt flash sweepstakes are great and easy to enter.

  35. Anne Mostella says:

    my favorite are one time only RT contests on twitter, and sweepstakes on individual fb pages…hate voting contests-they are rarely fair…

  36. Twitter RT's are pretty fun as well as FB likes.

  37. Koupon Kat says:

    I like the RT+Follow Twitter contests. So easy to enter!

  38. Liz McKay says:

    Facebook "like" sweeps are quick & easy. This RewardIt sweek is a nice way to share opinions.

  39. Jacob Peterman says:

    My favorite easy entry sweepstakes are Twitter Sweepstakes. Sometimes all you have to do is a simple retweet to win. That easy!

  40. The Email entry definitely. Super easy no social site just enter my email addy and hope I get the winning notice!

  41. Facebook sweeps…they are easy and quick to enter

  42. I love the sweeps on Facebook, they are so easy to enter! I hope I win!

  43. The ones where only an email address is required and you don't have to download any apps.

  44. would love to win this one.

  45. Chris Conanan says:

    I love facebook sweeps.

  46. Debbie Ferguson says:

    I like Facebook sweeps–I haven't really "bonded" with Twitter.

  47. Elena Meadowcroft says:

    The easiest sweepstakes to enter are (1) those that don't require you to disclose too much personal info, and (2) that don't make you fill out long forms and wicked CAPTHAs every day!

  48. Kimberly Gilford Adams says:

    One time entry are my favorites.

  49. Joyce Bogoian says:

    The $1,000 RewardIt sweepstakes.

  50. I love facebook easy entry giveaways.

  51. Sherri Burke Taylor says:

    mine are the ones that are entries that are easy and have my previous typing allready remembered on them so it makes it faster to fill out forms.

  52. Wendy Duckduck says:

    my favorite easy entry sweepstakes are Facebook.

  53. definately facebook sweeps.

  54. easy one click entries.

  55. Theresa Alexander says:

    I like single entry contests, especially if all you need to enter is your email address. Love 'em.

  56. Lorri Slawson says:

    Email entries are the easiest for me.

  57. Facebook sweeps rock love when get email reminder also :)

  58. I love to enter facebook sweepstakes.

  59. Facebook contests are easy and quick.

  60. My favorite entry sweepstakes are FACEBOOK sweepstakes!

  61. love the reward it sweeps that come to my email. hate rafflecopter!

  62. Joanne P Quarz says:

    My favorite are instants.

  63. Facebook sweeps are fun to win.

  64. My favorite easy entry sweeps are the ones I win.

  65. Karla Sailer Hamann says:

    Why we know Reward It is the easiest!

  66. Gina Lockwood says:

    RewardIt Sweepstakes are what I enter along with very few Facebook Entries :)).

  67. Text to win…

  68. FACEBOOK is the easiest usuallt just enter email address.

  69. Gloria Roberts says:

    I love bbb

  70. I like the instant win sweeps on facebook.

  71. I like the ones that only have you enter as little information as possible, like the rewardit sweeps!

  72. I love all great giveaways! :)

  73. Nickelette Irby says:

    I think facebook are pretty easy because you don't have to put too much info in most times and its easy to invite friends for the referral entries because you may not know everyone's personal email address but you can just click on their profile to send.

  74. My favorite easy entry is answering a question or filling out name and email add as entry.

  75. EMAIL ONLY ARE THE QUICKEST…also any that on second entry only your email is required and the whole form is filled in automatically (like HGTV contests).

  76. Nikki Leonard says:

    I love Facebook contests the most, but Twitter is super easy too!

  77. Julian Zamora says:

    Gotta love the Email Only Entries… fast and convenient.

  78. I like easy to enter, single entry contests. I like facebook ones best.

  79. Easiest sweeps are those single entry where you just fill out the form once and you are done. Worst are blog contests and voting contests.

  80. Tweet to win or Facebook likes :)

  81. pick me pick me!

  82. one time only are my favorite ones because I feel like everyone has the same chance..the easiest are facebook sweeps.

  83. Stacey Aversing says:

    I like instant win sweepstakes.

  84. Any sweep where I can just enter my email and go!

  85. I love e-mail only sweeps! They only need the other info if I win anyway, so why do I have to type it in for everyone before I win?

  86. Like email entries, I do not like to clutter up my facebook account.

  87. Rewardit sweeps are simple and easy- as is most facebook sweeps! Would love to win!

  88. Tamara Budd says:

    Retweets and like on facebook.

  89. Allan Chinn says:

    Facebook Sweepstakes are the easiest.

  90. Colleen Boudreau says:

    rafflecopter sweeps.

  91. I like Facebook sweeps and also email only ones.

  92. I like the Twitter RT contests…

  93. my fav easy entry sweeps are the fb sweeps.

  94. Dawn Branco-Hirschkorn says:

    I would love a gift card, we have so many needs we cant afford, Love rewardit:)

  95. I could use this win….

  96. David Lintz says:

    Email only are clearly the best type of sweep. The worst type are any that require you to check back to their page to see if you are a winner.

  97. I love the rewards quick contests that only last a day! It gives bloggers like myself who enter everyday a little advantage over people who only do it once in awhile!

  98. Facebook Sweepstakes are my favorite! You usually only have to auto fill the form, which takes less time and means I can enter more contests every day!

  99. Facebook is my favorite.

  100. Blair Roden says:

    I love to enter via Twitter because most of the time all you have to do is "retweet" to win or tweet a response to a question!

  101. RewardIt is easy to enter!

  102. I love the sweepstakes where you only need to enter your email, very quick and easy!

  103. I like the sweeps that you have to just enter basic info.RewardIt is easy to enter.

  104. definitely facebook sweeps. Its usually just as easy as entering your email address and that's it.

  105. Real easy entrance and good luck to whomever wins.

  106. Jacquelynn Rose Masters says:

    I love sweepstakes that are fast and don't require you to like 1000 pages in order to enter!

  107. Love it! Thank you.

  108. Jacquelynn Rose Masters says:

    I would totally LOVE this! <3

  109. I prefer one entry sweeps where you don't have to jump through hoops to enter.

  110. The RewardIt daily sweepstakes are super easy!

  111. Nadine Forget Gearhart says:

    Rafflecopter keeps track, but Twitter is just as good too.

  112. Yvette Davis says:

    RewardIt and DrawToday.

  113. I like email entries best!

  114. RewardIt, of course. And any Woodbox sweeps….they always seem easy.

  115. I like the 1 time email entry sweepstakes.

  116. Andy Knox says:

    Anything that doesn't block auto-fill, haha.

  117. Twitter Sweepstakes are my favorite

  118. I love all your sweepstakes and think they are all easy to enter!

  119. April Anderson Lyda says:

    Liking a page on Facebook is easy. RewardIt sweeptakes like this one seem pretty simple too!

  120. Candace Miller says:

    My favorite easy entries are on facebook.

  121. Sonia Armstrong says:

    Facebook sweepstakes are the easiest to enter.

  122. the sweepstakes are so fun to do and so easy. love it…..

  123. Love BB&Beyond and RewardIT too.

  124. The RewardiT sweeps are very easy to enter.

  125. Doug Garfinkel says:

    I'm waiting for the day when you can enter a sweepstakes just by thinking about it!

  126. I like twitter contests. They are usually quick and simple.

  127. Jacqueline Ivy Boyter says:

    I think my favorite sweeps is the "tweet to win", especially if the tweet is already written for me!

  128. Angela Akinniyi says:

    I like one click and one entry type. I tend to forget to come back and re-enter contests.

  129. I love Twitter retweets and Facebook like & share sweeps. They are easy to enter.

  130. Facebook sweeps are easy to use.

  131. Suzanna Valentine Moore says:

    I love the giveaways on facebook because they're not only easy to enter, they're easy to keep track of! Sometimes I enter a few sweeps in a week and I like how fb keeps tabs on them for me.

  132. Candice Montgomery says:

    My favorite are e-mail only entries.

  133. I like facebook easy entry sweeps.

  134. B. Ann Maloy says:

    Facebook sweeps are easy, sometimes w/ one click…

  135. Lawrence Gross says:

    The RewardIt daily free giveaway sweepstakes are so easy to enter.

  136. Mark Colacioppo says:

    Facebook like sweepstakes are always good, but this RewardIt sweepstakes is pretty easy to enter too!

  137. I like facebook sweeps or the sweeps I just have to enter my e-mail address. I'm not much of a twitter.

  138. Rosie LaVertue says:

    Good luck to everyone.

  139. Kathy Shaw says:

    love these eas face book entries.

  140. Flash giveaways, are quick and fun!

  141. I love simple RT contests.

  142. twitter sweeps, odds are usually good and easy to enter.

  143. Jennifer Thompson says:

    Email only entry, they are extra fast!

  144. Tova Goldman Scheinerman says:

    I like the one click sweepstakes.

  145. Rebecca Oakleaf says:

    My favorite are facebook.

  146. facebook. The one we juste need to click like and share!

  147. my favorite one is the facebook sweeps they are the easiest to enter for sure.

  148. my favorite easy entry sweeps are the ones on facebook where all I have to do is click on the page and I'm entered.

  149. DM Moon says:

    I like Twitter or Facebook sweeps.

  150. Laura Milan says:

    I like facebook sweeps, because they usually use rafflecopter or some other easy form!

  151. Amy Richard says:

    Twitter sweepstakes are easy and Ive had a lot of luck on there!

  152. Laura Milan says:

    I love rafflecopter sweeps!

  153. Diane Zimmer says:

    So much fun.

  154. Karen Mosteller Grantham says:

    I love facebook easy entry giveaways. Still learning twitter, so that is harder for me.

  155. Beth Johnson Titus says:

    I like the easy entry sweepstakes on facebook or twitter!

  156. I love facebook sweepe!

  157. I love facebook sweepe!

  158. my favorite easy entry sweepstakes are facebook sweeps!