My Dream Boat if I Won an Online Sweepstakes.

The Boat I’d Buy If I Won A Large Online Sweepstakes

I often use this space to dream about what it will be like when I finally hit it big in one of these online sweepstakes. Huge cash rewards, awesome prizes, world travel, fine dining, the promise of unencumbered adventure with no expiration date. How The Dream Boat I Would Buy If I Won an Online Sweepstakesmany times have you fantasized about your own private island somewhere? Well the planet only has a limited supply of private islands available but luckily we have made amazing advances in modern technology and now we have AMAZING boats that become like mobile islands unto themselves. Think about it; who needs an island when you can have a yacht that can travel to any port in the world? And the way these boats are these days? Who wouldn’t want to leave behind this land loving existence and take to the open seas in their brand new mega yacht for a never ending world cruise? Well with a quick browse of I have found my ultimate super mega yacht; the brand new Arctic Whale from French design house Eva Cadio & Co. This bad boy was created with the intention to travel the world in comfort and luxury. Oh, how I would like to win a huge online sweepstakes! Feeling cooped up? Just radio in for a helicopter to pick you up from your mega yachts very own heli deck! Feeling stressed? Why not kick back and relax in the swimming pool or one of the two hot tubs. Don’t feel like travelling all by yourself? Well the Arctic Whale sleeps twelve in six awesome cabins and all the awesome high tech goodies and style you can shake a stick at. You can cruise the Hawaiian Islands or the Mediterranean Sea. You’re only limit is your imagination and well access to the ocean! And if you’re unhappy with the standard layouts which cater to most every need you can customize the monster floating fun barge in a variety of ways. So how much is this bad boy going to run you? Well we’re not entirely sure as the site lists it as POA (price on application) but you can bet it’s a pretty penny. But what does that matter to you? You won a large cash reward sweepstakes and you’re retiring to sail the world! You’ll be enjoying prestige worldwide. Have you ever been on a yacht before? Do you dream of sailing the world? Maybe it will be possible one day, if you discover oil in your backyard or win a big online sweepstakes prize. Let us know about your fantasy dream boat and fantasy world cruise.