The Perils of Sweepstakes Rules


A few months ago we did a piece on sweepstakes rules. In it we explained what to look for when perusing the rules. Why? Because not following or misinterpreting the rules can be worse than not winning at all! Take the case of Theodore … [Read more...]

So You’re the Big Cash Sweepstakes Winner

So you’re the big winner.  You just raked in millions of dollars in an online cash sweepstakes.  You can march right into the bosses’ office on Monday morning and tell him where to shove his TPS reports and mandated weekend overtime.  Better yet wait … [Read more...]

Winning an Across America Trip in an Online Cash Sweepstakes

Winning an Online Cash Sweepstakes and Traveling Across America

Sweeping across Country; the plan to tackle America from end to end upon winning an Online Cash Sweepstakes If there’s one thing I dream of when I imagine winning a large online cash sweepstakes prize its having the freedom to travel. And as I’ve lea … [Read more...]

My Dream European Vacation Sweepstakes

Win a European Vacation Sweepstakes

Ever imagined what you’d do with a large cash reward from an online sweepstakes or lottery winnings? Well if you’re anything like most Americans you would choose to travel with your new found wealth and freedom. Isn’t that what winning a large cash … [Read more...]

Online Sweepstakes Victory Vacation in the South Pacific!

My South Pacific Vacation if I Won an Online Sweepstakes!

Guess what? You just won an online sweepstakes. What are you going to do? Me? I’m going to celebrate with a tropical victory vacation in the South Pacific! That’s right I’m going to start off by heading to Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. I’m lo … [Read more...]