Doug Garfinkel

About Doug Garfinkel

Doug Garfinkel loves free stuff, saving money, playing lotto and entering sweepstakes. He enjoys sharing inside information on these topics. In his spare time, he plays the drums and enjoys mountain biking and kayaking.

7-11 Big Summer IWG & Sweepstakes

All summer world famous convenience store chain Seven-11 has been promoting a rewards and sweepstakes program.  The 7-11 Big Summer IWG & Sweepstakes runs until 9/5/2012. The sweepstakes promotion operates on 3 levels: A game piece peel for … [Read more...]

Health And Beauty Sweepstakes

Are you tired of paying for your health and beauty products?  Things like lotion, nail polish, shampoo, soap, etc can start to add up of you use them on a daily basis.  So, to try and help you cut down on some unneeded spending, RewardIt is here to … [Read more...]

Travel Channel Sweepstakes

If you don't tune in to Travel Channel then you should definitely start.  What is the Travel Channel?  It is a cable and satellite program that features informative documentaries and how-to shows about traveling the U.S and spots throughout the … [Read more...]

Disney Sweepstakes

We think that everyone should visit one of the the famous Disney theme parks at least one time in their life.  Disney is definitely the most popular and well-known family destination!  The park is filled with endless entertainment, family friendly … [Read more...]

Coke Rewards Sweepstakes

Among all the rewards programs out there, Coke Rewards has built a strong name for itself.  The Coke Rewards system awards customers with all sorts of prizes when you accumulate a certain amount of points. We’re here to talk about the Coke Rewards … [Read more...]