Online Sweepstakes Glossary and Dictionary

Sweepstakes Glossaary

In the online Sweepstakes/Contest world there is some lingo that the average Jane or Joe may not be familiar with. So instead of scratching your head in confusion at some of these words and phrases, let's go through a few to increase your … [Read more...]

How To Handle Your Contest, Sweepstakes or Lottery Winnings

You always hear those stories where a winner blows all of their earnings and ends up in a financial crisis. In the event that a sweepstakes or contest has a large cash prize it is important to know how to be a smart spender. Of course, sweepstakes … [Read more...]

Picking Out The Best Online Sweepstakes To Enter

Though you want to get involved with as many online sweepstakes you possibly can, you’re eventually going to run out of time. You want to focus on managing your time and targeting the online sweepstakes that are best for you and your chances to win. H … [Read more...]

How To Stay On Top Of Your Online Sweepstakes

If you’re the lucky winner of a sweepstakes/giveaway you want to make sure you claim your prize! It would be a shame if you weren’t aware of your winnings. After all, you went through all those grueling hours of signing up for everything you could, so … [Read more...]

Differences Between Sweepstakes, Contests, and Lotteries

Man Winning Sweepstakes

There are tons of ways to put yourself in a position to win prizes.  You should know the ins and outs of what you’re participating in to increase your chances of coming out a winner.  If you don’t know how sweepstakes, contests, or lotteries works, th … [Read more...]