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Lisa Gray loves sweepstakes and sharing how to find all the nooks and crannies on the Internet where the reside. When she isn't writing she loves to bake and play fetch with her cat.

10 of the Most Bizarre Sweepstakes Prizes

Sweepstakes are contests that are often used by companies as marketing measures to spread the word about a particular product. Companies offer up their product or service as the main prize in a contest, which gives them a lot of free publicity. … [Read more...]

7 of the World’s Strangest Contests

No matter what competition you want to enter, it takes a lot of time and effort to prepare for it. This is true even if the competition is not based on physical strength or endurance. Even the world’s strangest contests require training and planning. … [Read more...]

Check Out Past Winners – Who Knows, It Could Be You!

Picture it. After a long day at the office or chasing the children around the house while trying to cook and clean, you finally get a chance to relax. In that one small moment of time you decide that a little Internet surfing is exactly what the … [Read more...]

Summer Sweepstakes with the Best Odds of Winning

Several summer sweepstakes are available for people to enter. However, most people only want to enter the ones that will give them the best odds of winning. The harder a sweepstakes is to find and enter, the better the chances are for winning, since … [Read more...]

Winning Food: Tasty Prizes!

Grocery costs consume a large chunk of most household budgets. From couponing to buying generic brands, many methods can be used to reduce those costs in your family’s budget. One creative way that some have reduced their grocery budgets is by … [Read more...]