All About Twitter Sweepstakes

Twitter is a new and growing method of entering your favorite sweepstakes.  If you’re not involved with Twitter then you’re definitely missing out on some valuable opportunities.  There are a few things you should know about Twitter and Twitter Sweepstakes before you jump right into it and RewardIt is here to help!

Ways To Enter Twitter Sweepstakes

Whenever a sponsor holds a Twitter Sweepstakes there are a few ways they can approach them.  The sponsor will do this such as ask for a Retweet (often abbreviated as RT), a follow, or maybe an answer a trivia question.  It is important that you search for the word “sweepstakes” in the search bar, and locate some pages that interest you.  From there, you will be notified on your timeline as soon as a new opportunity is offered!

Here are a few good twitter directories to follow to stay up to date:




Advantages To Using Twitter Sweepstakes

There are a few ways that getting involved with Twitter Sweepstakes can really benefit you.  For one, the Twitter sweeps are  fairly new, so less people are entering them.  You should enter these types of sweeps as much as possible because the chances to win are usually higher than a standard sweepstakes.  Now is definitely the time to get involved before more people hop on board the Twitter Sweepstakes bandwagon.

Another advantage of getting involved with Twitter Sweepstakes is that it is convenient for you!  After you put time aside to follow your favorite sponsors, everything is located in one spot, your timeline.  Make sure you check your timeline frequently to stay on top of the new and best sweepstake offers.  Also, many Twitter giveaways are daily, which means you have a chance to win great prizes every day of the week.

So what are you waiting for!?  Get setup on Twitter and explore all of the Twitter sweepstakes out there.  Start by following us at @Reward_It.   We hope you can use this information to you advantage. Good Luck!