All About Publishers Clearing House

Whenever you hear the word sweepstakes, Publishers Clearing House is most likely mentioned.  It is one of the most popular sweepstakes offered in America!  A lot of people dream about their famous multi-million dollar giveaways, but did you know PCH rewards you in more ways than that?  Publishers Clearing House has also started running online games that give you the chance to be a winner.  Since the company’s start in 1967, they have awarded over $220 million in prizes and they’re only giving more!  So, hop on board and give Publishers Clearing House a shot.

PCHHistory Of Publishers Clearing House

PCH was founded in 1953 by Joyce Mertz-Gilmore, Harold Mertz, and LuEsther Mertz.  The company started off offering consumers an extraordinary collection of discounted magazine subscription through the mail.  They quickly expanded and outgrew their modest start in the Mertz’ garage and eventually became the largest magazine circulating organization in the industry.  As the years went by they’ve earned respect as a leading company in the direct marketing field.

In 1967, they began offering their now famous sweepstakes.  They have awarded over $227 Million in prizes over the years.  As they say, people really do win.  Today, they are more famous for their giveaways than for the magazine an merchandise deals that they offer.

PCH Prize Patrol

In 1988, they introduced the very popular “Prize Patrol”.  The Prize Patrol is a group of real PCH employees that travel to winners’ homes and offices to present them with a large check, and surprise them. They usually have flowers and balloons too.  They film many of these winner moments on TV and it’s always great to see how people react.  You can catch some of the best winning moments on YouTube and at  For many years, the Prize Patrol would award their annual $10 Million prize live after the Super Bowl.  Today, the Prize Patrol is still going strong and is still just as popular.

Here are some great PCH resources:

PCH Facebook Page

Publishers Clearing House is on Facebook!  You can become a fan of the page to keep updated on their newest sweepstakes and contest.  Sometimes they offer additional chances to win specifically on their Facebook page so be sure to check this out.

This is the main website for Publishers Clearing House.  On the site you can locate information on their magazine subscriptions, current sweepstakes, company history, customer service, and most importantly the famous multi-million dollar sweepstakes entry form!  You should definitely check out their website regularly because they always have great things to offer.

PCH Search & Win

PCH Search and Win is a search engine owned by PCH that gives you the chance to win prizes by simply searching.  All you need to do is enter a certain search term into the search bar and you automatically in a position to win prizes!

PCH Online Games

PCH Games offers online games such as Spider Solitaire, Video Poker, and more that give you the chance to earn tokens!  The tokens can be redeemed for entries into certain giveaways with prizes up to $500.  The odds of winning are already decent (1 in 30,000), but these games are meant to be fun, so the more you play the better your chances get!

We hope you gained some valid information from this article.  Now take what you learned and use it!  PCH is a great place to give you a chance to win prizes, not to mention in so many different ways.  Good luck!