All About Facebook Sweepstakes

In this day in age, Facebook is the most popular website on the Internet.  There are a lot of features to Facebook that fly under the radar that are actually pretty cool and useful to you.  One of these features is Facebook sweepstakes!  Facebook sweepstakes are growing and you should definitely take advantage of them.  Sponsors of all types are starting to use Facebook to promote and host their sweepstakes.  RewardIt is here to share how you can find and enter these great giveaways!

Search for Facebook Sweepstakes

This one is obvious.  Simply type in Facebook sweepstakes into Google and watch how many results come up.  Not only can you search on Google, you can actually search right on Facebook itself.  There are plenty of sweepstakes pages that post the latest Facebook sweepstakes for you to enter, including Facebook only sweepstkaes.  You can subscribe to a page and have all the latest and greatest giveaways show up right on your newsfeed!

Ways To Enter

There are a few ways sponsors can have you enter Facebook Sweepstakes.  They can do things like build a page in which you submit information or take surveys (which seems to be the most common way).  They might have you simply “like” “share” something on their page to gain an entry.  Whatever it may be, entering Facebook sweepstakes is usually quick and easy.

How Facebook Sweepstakes Benefit You

Aside from the prizes you can win, Facebook sweepstakes are a great way to save some time.  We all know how much time the average person is spending on Facebook already, so why not enter some sweepstakes while their on the site?  Your not jumping from website to website searching and it’s just a very convenient way to take part in sweepstakes!  Plus, your odds of winning may be higher, since less people know about Facebook sweepstakes.

Popular Facebook Sweepstakes

Here are some Facebook sweeps we believe are worth taking a look at:

Days Inn Turn Up Take Off Sweepstakes

Benjamin Moore Summer 2012 Sweepstakes

American Airlines Travel The World Sweepstakes

Gerber Generation Photo Sweepstakes

Now that you know how Facebook sweepstakes work, get involved!  There are an endless amount of giveaways to choose from so start searching.  Good luck.