About Sweepstakes

Sweepstaking can be an amazing hobby and fun way to spend your time online. However, if you are going to embark on this adventure you should be armed with some basic information about sweepstakes.

A core point to understand is that contests and sweepstakes are different. By definition contests have some element of “skill” involved, where as sweepstakes are promotions where prizes are given away by chance.

Legitimate Sweepstakes

Unfortunately not every sweepstakes company is as legitimate as Rewardit.com. Before you enter a sweepstakes you should take some time to check out the legitimacy of the site you are on. The basics you should look for are a privacy policy and a clear set of rules.

Beyond this you should also keep in mind the reasonable amount of information you are willing to give up to be involved in the sweepstakes. Most sweepstakes will ask for name, address, date of birth, email address, and telephone number. Highly personal information like credit card information, social security numbers, and other financial information should be a clue that the sweepstakes you are taking part in is less then legit.

Legitimate sweepstakes also follow basic governing rules. This means you should have an alternative way to enter if a proof of purchase is necessary and should never have to pay a fee to enter. Again, contests may charge a fee, and this is a key differentiator between the two

Helpful Tips on Sweepstakes

One thing to remember is that generally all sweepstakes have an expiration date, so you should check the sweepstakes entry dates before proceeding. Once you decide to enter keep in mind that you will receive information on the results via email, so managing your inbox is important. Some people utilize a specific “sweepstakes” email for this purpose.

One great way to manage your sweepstakes hobby is via the use of bookmarks to make sure you have an easy way to navigate your daily sweepstakes entries.

Now that you know more about sweepstakes, understanding the difference between a sweepstakes and a contest, how to spot a legitimate sweepstakes, and the basics on managing your sweepstaking, you can assure yourself a great start to your new hobby.